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Exciting Times for Microschooling

We couldn’t be happier with all of the movement revolving around microschooling these days. We know you have questions, and we see value in holding a group Zoom meeting to get those questions answered. We will be holding two meetings, one for families interested in joining a microschooling group and one for those interested in starting their own microschooling group.

For families interested in joining a microschooling group for students in grades 1-5: 

Tuesday, August 4th at 7pm

For families interesting in starting a group for grades 1-5: Thursday, August 6th at 7pm

If you would like to join the call, please email Ashley Campbell at to get the Zoom link.

The microschooling movement has really taken off. Each day more and more families are filling out our survey to find a microschooling match. 

What’s just as exciting? Connecting with the remarkable individuals who are emerging as microschooling leaders. These individuals vary so much, and we are thrilled with the variety they will offer Nevada families.

We see moms who are excited to open their homes to small groups, either teaching themselves or hiring an educator to lead, serving and growing students while making a small income doing so. Teachers who either do not want to return to their classroom right now or return to teaching remotely as their school offers it. Retired educators who are coming out of retirement to put their mark on steering the children of Nevada back to the path of success. Parents who are willing to open up their home, but don't want to teach are turning to us to help them organize a microschooling arrangement with other families and a teacher.

As you’re reading this, you might find yourself wondering if you could lead a microschool. The answer is yes! 

Take a look at just a small variety of who we are talking to….

"Flaxman — a former special education teacher within the Clark County School District who has also worked at a private school — said she’s still working out details, such as schedules and cost, but knows the microschool will combine direct instruction with hands-on and child-led learning. She’s also committed to offering scholarships as a means of broadening access to the new learning concept.”  Nevada Independent

"By teaming up with other families who are also practicing social distancing, Farley said she believes they can offer responsible socialization and a more rigorous curriculum than what they could do on their own. She added that her hope is to be able to pay a licensed teacher what they would be making if they worked at a school, with classes on a to-be-determined schedule held at her home. “ Review Journal

We are here to help you. If you are considering opening your own microschooling arrangement, please let us know. We have a variety of different ideas and options that we can walk through with you, and help you figure out what works for you.

Are you considering microschooling?  Let us know how we can help, and keep your questions coming. We work with a variety of schools, especially exemplary private and charter, and we love the schools we work with and would be happy to connect you with these schools. We are collaborating with a variety of people in the community to create this network of microschooling opportunities to meet this very real new demand we are hearing.

Each newsletter we highlight microschools around the country we think offer examples Nevadans will find interesting.

Austin, Texas has emerged in recent years as a microschooling launchpad.  Annunciation is a Catholic and classical-inspired model serving grades K-12. Students meet 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, in multi-age groups. They receive instruction on those two days, as well as receiving guidance to facilitate the learning they do at their own at home.

Peace Valley School in Dayton, Oregon serves a dozen students with a traditional school-year calendar, led by a licensed high-school educator using a student-led learning model. Student transcripts “give real credit for real courses,” including AP courses.

Impact Academy in Washington’s Maple Valley is homeschool co-op, that offers classes for children ages birth through high school. Priorities include “To provide excellent academic instruction from a biblical Christian world view, to inspire a love for learning”, with a focus on maintaining a high standard of academics in upper grades. Students and families meet as a group full days on Mondays.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth parent of a middle schooler, looking for a microschooling group to join and help coordinate. I’m in south Las Vegas, and currently would prefer to do zoom or online meetups.  Please email me at  Thanks!

Are you wanting to network with other microschooling families and educators? Join our MicroschoolingNV Facebook group for a chance to meet other individuals interested in microschooling.  We are also leading small group calls between families with similar interests.  Let us know if you’d like to join one by emailing Ashley Campbell at or calling 702-202-3573.

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